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The Queen

Monarchy Rules: stories from Queen Elizabeth II to Alfred the Great

After the success of our series: A Victorian Family Tree: the story of Queen Victoria’s granddaughters as well as celebrating Her Majesty’s record breaking reign, we begin our new series: Monarchy Rules: stories of Queen Elizabeth II to Alfred the Great.

The Coronation Chair and Stone of Scone.

The Coronation Chair and Stone of Scone.

Not your typical series of facts and milestones, but a look into the lives of those who ruled.

The series begins with a look at the life and reign of Her Majesty. We then will go back in time covering all kings and queens from the much loved King George VI to the unknown Athelstan. Our series will end with Ofa as we travel back in time to 757. Yes, all the way back to when the year was only three digits!

Learn more about how King Alfred the Great defended England against Danish invasion and founded the first English navy. Perhaps the story of Henry I winning the backing of the Saxons by granting them a charter and marrying a Saxon princess strikes your history fancy.

If the ‘old dead guys’ as my history students fondly like to call them, perhaps the story of Queen Anne might be of interest. Towards the end of her life, Anne suffered from gout, and she could hardly walk. When she died in 1714, her body had swollen so much that she had to be buried in an almost square coffin.

If you enjoyed the Queen Victoria’s granddaughters series, you are in for a treat as editors, reporters and bloggers share their take on such a rich and long history. Do join us.

The series starts later this week on 10 September here on Royal Central. Join our Deputy Editor, Sean Okeeffe as he kicks off the series covering Her Majesty in what proves to be one of the longest pieces on Royal Central to date.

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