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Jeremy Paxman warns that Prince Charles could be a “Big Problem” when he becomes King

Former Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman spoke at the Buxton International Festival about the possibilities of a future King Charles, reportedly saying the Prince of Wales could be a “big problem.”

“People say to me ‘but what about Prince Charles?’ My answer is it’s going to be a big problem when we get Prince Charles – if he behaves as Prince Charles,” Paxman told the crowds.

“But I don’t think he will – the role is different. We shan’t have his view on talking to trees or whatever inflicted upon us when he’s monarch but when he’s the Prince of Wales he can do what he likes.”

Prince Charles has long championed environmentalism and sustainability. According to his official website, the Prince wants to “ensure that the natural assets upon which we all depend among other things soil, water, forests a stable climate and fish stocks endure for future generations.”

The Prince has also focused on sustainability as it relates to urban planning “in ways that enhance and add to the social, natural and built environment.”

Prince Charles only grants Royal Warrants to businesses that “understand and take a responsible approach to sustainability and social issues.”

Paxman was in Derbyshire for the Festival, and his comments were published in the Daily Mail.

Paxman declared that he was monarchist because it was “better than any alternatives” and that “we’d have ended up with a President Blair or something awful like that.”

The controversial former BBC Two presenter also spoke about politics. He said he blames the ‘60s generation for sowing distrust in politicians, “[The decade] encouraged everybody to disbelieve anyone over 30.”

“It has left us with an abiding distrust of institutions and authority figures. I’m not sure that’s terribly healthy.”

He also spoke of interviewing politicians, who focus on “the when, where and how,” but spiritual figures focus on answering the why of big questions.


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