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Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece on the Duchess of Sussex: “I cannot wait to see how Meghan’s role will evolve”

Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece has spoken optimistically about the new Duchess of Sussex’s role in the British Royal Family in an interview with Paris Match magazine.

“This marriage is the symbol of an opening to the new millennium,” Marie-Chantal said. “Meghan will be very active in charity work. She is passionate about human rights and the fight for equality in all areas, as is Harry. It will be his ‘job.’”

Marie-Chantal further spoke of Meghan’s position in the Royal Family, saying that “she showed and proved that she knew how to move and adapt.

“In countries where it still exists, the monarchy is traditionally a force uniting the nation,” Marie-Chantal said.

“Our family is quite active on social networks. I have a blog that allows me to say what is important to me. The British Royal Family must also use these networks to reach generations who do not read newspapers. The way millennials get information has nothing to do with my generation. It remains to be seen how we will adapt.”

Marie-Chantal, who was an American heiress before her 1995 marriage to Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece, spoke of her own fairy tale wedding and how she was received by the Greek Royal Family.

“My husband, all his family, even distant, made me understand that I was welcome. They showed me that I was loved in this very united circle. I felt like any bride who arrives in a big and warm family.”

King Constantine was deposed and the monarchy in Greece overthrown in 1973, so there is no official role for the Greek Royal Family, though they are regularly seen at royal events throughout Europe. Marie-Chantal has run her own eponymously-named children’s clothing label since 2000.

“My father-in-law really encouraged me to follow my dream and do what I wanted. I have today – and I have always had – a very close relationship with my in-laws.”

Marie-Chantal told Paris Match that she “cannot wait to see how Meghan’s role will evolve. I am sure she will have the support of everyone to succeed. But she will have to move away from the world of celebrities, and Hollywood, to quietly join that of other stars: the Royal Family.

“She is lucky to have a modern and sensitive man at her side. Harry will be there to guide her.”

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