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Request for Prince Albert to drink from a shoe as he and Princess Charlene celebrate Monaco Grand Prix

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco celebrated with Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo over his Grand Prix win in Monaco on Sunday.

The Red Bull driver won the Circuit de Monaco race despite engine problems leaving him with 25 percent less power for the final 50 laps of the 78-lap race, leaving him unable to go past sixth gear -thus making his win all the more impressive.

Following his speedy dash across the finish line, the Australian driver announced that he wanted to celebrate his win with Prince Albert and Princess Charlene, requesting through the onboard radio that a “shoey” (an Australian drinking custom where an individual removes their shoe, fills it with alcohol and drinks from it) be prepared for Prince Albert.

Ricciardo typically celebrates his racing victories with a “shoey” and this win was no different. The driver removed his shoe on the winner’s podium where Lewis Hamilton, who came in third place, was seen to fill Ricciardo’s shoe with champagne, Ricciardo then proceeded to drink the bubbly from the shoe.

Ricciardo was also filmed celebrating his win by falling into a Red Bull pool in full racing attire.

However, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene did not drink from Ricciardo’s shoe, nor did they jump in any pools, instead, after some insistence, Princess Charlene and Prince Albert took a sip from the magnum champagne bottle.

Ricciardo was joined on the podium by Sebastian Vettel, a German driver for Ferrari, who came in second place.

Vettel also shared a drink with the royal couple during his champagne shower where he sprayed both Prince Albert and Princess Charlene with champagne.

The royal couple seemed to enjoy the celebrations as Princess Charlene laughed the incident off and applauded as the Formula 1 drivers on the podium celebrated their first, second and third placement with a traditional champagne shower.