King Abdullah II sits down with Theresa May

His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan met with British Prime Minister Theresa May this week. While most thoughts in Great Britain are concerned with the approaching deadline for Brexit, there have also been economic problems in the Gulf area with all the various diplomatic crises, and indeed whether there will be any secondary fall-out with the trade war between the US and China if the latter…
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Jordanian Royal Family celebrate Jordan's independence day

His Majesty King Abdullah attended the official national celebration marking Jordan’s 72nd Independence Day, on Thursday 24. The King, along with Her Majesty Queen Rania, Princess Muna, Crown Prince Hussein, and Princess Salma, were greeted by the national anthem as they…
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Sandhurst welcomes royals from Jordan and Luxembourg

A company dinner at prestigious military academy Sandhurst this weekend saw an influx of royal guests as both the King and Queen of Jordan and the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Luxembourg joined their sons, who are currently enrolled in the military academy. After he graduated from Georgetown University in the US last year, with a degree in international history, 22-year-old Crown Prince Hussein…
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Jordan's King Award German Peace Prize

It is not often we get the chance to report good news from the Middle East, but King Abdullah II of Jordan has been awarded a Peace Prize in Germany. He was awarded the Westphalian Peace Prize for 2016, and has just received the award in the German city of Muenster from the…