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Royal Relations: Elizabeth II and Albert II of Monaco

While some links between royal houses are well known and rather close, others are a little more distant and perhaps all the more interesting for that. Royal Central’s summer series looking at royal relations across Europe turns today to Monaco and the United Kingdom. And although the links between Albert II and Elizabeth II might be stretched, they are still there. The connection between…
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Behind the scenes at this year's Order of the Garter

As the crowds began to take their places in Windsor ahead of the 2019 Order of the Garter procession and ceremony, the royals involved in this year’s event took to social media to share some behind the scenes details. From the stunning setting for a very regal meeting to an ancient garter itself, this year’s ceremony has been told in sparkling detail. The Royal Collection Trust opened…
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Prince Charles has some health advice, do yoga

As the future King, Prince Charles has many duties under his belt. However, those duties don’t make the Prince shy away from the importance of health. Prince Charles has claimed that if more people take yoga classes, then the NHS could save on ‘precious and expensive’ resources because of both the physical and mental benefits of yoga. Charles has long been an advocate for alternative…
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So why do royals not wear seatbelts?

Last week, Prince Phillip made headlines as he decided to not wear a seatbelt just days after having a car accident. Sitting behind the wheel with not being buckled in caused quite the controversy. But there may be a reason as to why royals don’t always wear seatbelts. Embed from Getty Images Hello! spoke with former Royal Protection Officer Simon Morgan, of Trojan Consultancy. Morgan explained…
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