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King Harald of Norway extends sick leave

Oskar Aanmoen/Royal Central

King Harald of Norway has extended his sick leave after contracting COVID-19 last week.

The King of Norway was scheduled to return to royal duties on Thursday, 21 March; however, this did not occur.

The head of communications at the Norwegian Royal Court informed the Norwegian press that the King was still on sick leave. No further comments have been made.

King Harald was set to receive the Foreign Minister in an audience, with Queen Sonja also present. The monarch was also scheduled for several events on Thursday, but the calendar for 31 March was updated to show that Crown Prince Haakon would take over the King’s constitutional duties.

When the Royal Court announced that His Majesty had COVID, they said that the King had mild symptoms and would be on sick leave for the next few days.

It was also stated later that the King and Queen of Norway would no longer be able to attend the memorial service for Prince Philip at Westminster Abbey on 29 March.

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Senior Europe Correspondent Oskar Aanmoen has a master in military and political history of the Nordic countries. He has written six books on historical subjects and more than 1.500 articles for Royal Central. He has also interview both Serbian and Norwegian royals. Aanmoen is based in Oslo, Norway.