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Greek princes team up for charity

Following the death of King Constantine II earlier this year, many members of the Greek royal family have been spending more time in their homeland. Now, the king’s younger sons, Prince Philippos and Prince Nikolaos of Greece, have teamed up for a charity project in the eastern Greek islands.

Prince Philippos and Prince Nikolaos are attending the 13th campaign of Axion Hellas. Prince Nikolaos has previously attended this charity campaign several times before. This is his brother Prince Philippos first time attending the campaign.

More than 150 volunteers, including 54 volunteer doctors with a range of different specialties, are providing services to the residents of the Greek islands of Heraklia, Halki, Symi, Pserimos and Kimolos. Axion Hellas which have seen an influx of immigrants arriving in recent times.

Prince Nikolaos said: “We believe in collaboration, and we are not doing it all by ourselves. We are transferring educational programs to the coastal islands of Greece. I just came out to talk to you, from a program-based course started by Kate Kennedy, daughter of the late Robert Kennedy. Through this, learning children about human rights.”

The prince continued: “We all voluntarily participate in the organization. No one gets paid. Our fee is the warmth with which we are welcomed. This morning the kindergarten children said good morning to us in song. They filled our souls with positive energy. This recharges our batteries. I love all the islands equally.”

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