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The Duchess of Kent - living life in the shadows

Katharine Kent will be an unfamiliar name to many, but in Royal circles she became well-known, causing controversy with her conversion to Catholicism in 1994. Born Katharine Worsley on February 22nd 1933, her upbringing was that of a ‘commoner’ in the Yorkshire countryside, albeit growing up amidst the surroundings of a stately home, Hovingham Hall. Her parents, Sir William and Lady Joyce sent…
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The Queen

Queen takes new record as world's oldest Monarch

Queen Elizabeth II became the oldest reigning Monarch in the world yesterday following the death of the 90-year-old King of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah bin Abdulaziz. Yet the record forms only the latest in a long string of longevity records The Queen – along with the Duke of Edinburgh – have reached over the past few years, as well as a number of significant records which she is still…
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The Queen

The Queen's day with the Women's Institute

Her Majesty The Queen made her annual visit to West Newton on Thursday, to attend a meeting of the Women’s Institute (WI). Upon her arrival at West Newton village hall, where the meeting was held, Her Majesty was welcomed by the group’s chairwoman, Yvonne Brown…
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Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother: A Life in Decades - 1920s

As we continue our series on The Queen Mother, the next decade to be examined is the 1920s. Also known as the roaring twenties in some parts of the world. The 1920s was an interesting time for Lady Elizabeth Bowes Lyons. What makes Elizabeth such a fascinating figure was that she had no interest in being Royal. Elizabeth can be considered to be a free thinker, a concept that had an impact on her…
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The Yorks

Prince Andrew publicly responds to allegations

Prince Andrew has spoken in public for the first time regarding allegations made against him of sexual impropriety. At the World Economic Forum in Davos on Thursday, the Duke said that he felt he must reiterate the statements released by Buckingham Palace over the last few…
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Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry inspired Damian Lewis's Henry VIII

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, actor Damian Lewis has revealed that he took inspiration from The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry for his new role as Henry VIII in the BBC’s new period drama, Wolf Hall. Lewis spoke of how it was the two princes sense of ‘normality’ which he wanted to draw upon when playing the Tudor monarch. The actor, educated at Eton College like…
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