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The Queen and her most trusted aide, ‘Tall Paul’, quarantine together at Windsor Castle

PHOTO: Olympic Youtube Channel (fair use)

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh have been quarantined together at Windsor Castle amidst the coronavirus crisis, which has now seen the UK placed in an effective lockdown situation.

Her Majesty & His Royal Highness are joined in isolation by some of their most trusted aides including Page of the Backstairs, Paul Whybrew, and the monarch’s personal adviser, Angela Kelly.

Mr Whybrew is The Queen’s most beloved aide, and is nicknamed ‘Tall Paul’ because he towered over his former colleague ‘Little Paul’ Burrell when they both worked in the Royal Household together.

Mr Whybrew is known to accompany Her Majesty in the more private aspects of her life, including when she settles down to watch the television.

In 1982, he was the aide who apprehended intruder Michael Fagan when he infamously broke into the Queen’s bedroom at Buckingham Palace.

He also had a staring role in the London 2012 James Bond film for the Olympic Games, alongside The Queen and Daniel Craig.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, former palace aide said: “The Queen adores Paul. He is the perfect calming presence to have around in such circumstances.”

Angela Kelly is also on hand at Windsor to attend to The Queen’s needs, as is a housemaid, chef and footman.

Prince Philip also has a Page and chauffeur staying at Windsor, and both he and his wife are being monitored by doctors.