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The questions that have arisen over the legality of Harry and Meghan's two weddings

The Duchess of Sussex’s revelation that she married Prince Harry privately three days before the ceremony watched by the world at. St. George’s Chapel, Windsor, has led to questions about which of the services was their legally binding wedding. The ceremony at Windsor on May 19th 2018 was, until now, believed to have been the moment Harry and Meghan were joined in matrimony.
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FashionThe Wessexes

Commonwealth Day Fashion Through the Years: The Countess of Wessex

Having married into the Royal Family in 1999, Sophie, the Countess of Wessex has spent the years supporting The Queen and supporting several organisations specifically, focusing on charities that support people with disabilities and the prevention of blindness in developing countries. Ahead of the 2021 Commonwealth Day, the Countess spoke to women of The Commonwealth on how women are supporting…
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FashionPrince Charles and Camilla

Commonwealth Day Fashion Through The Years: The Duchess of Cornwall

Since her marriage to The Prince of Wales in 2005, the Duchess of Cornwall has participated in a number of Commonwealth Day services. For Commonwealth Day 2021, the Duchess sat down with BBC for A Celebration for Commonwealth Day, a programme honouring The Queen’s lifetime commitment to the Commonwealth. The Duchess, who launched her own book club in January, talks in the programme about…
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