The Bavarian King of Northern Europe

When little Prince Christopher was born in Bavaria in 1416 as the son of a German Count, he hardly thought he would become king of three European nations. Yet that was exactly what he became. Christopher was born as a member of the house of Wittelsbach. He grew up in the safety of the Bavarian royal court and in his teens he served under the German Emperor. He must have been a very…
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King George VI's Winnipeg Speech

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth undertook a month-long tour of Canada in May and June of 1939, visiting every province, the Dominion of Newfoundland, and they also spent a few days in the United States. The tour was more ambitious than any of the previous Canadian tours.
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Royal Wedding Flowers: Queen Letizia of Spain

Soft, striking and above all, symbolic. The wedding bouquet carried by the future Queen of Spain, Letizia Ortiz, at her royal wedding on May 22nd 2004 was filled with significance. From personal touches to nods to one of the oldest ruling dynasties in Europe, Letizia filled her posy with meaning. At the heart of her cascading bouquet were the iris and the lily, closely associated with the House…
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Welcoming a Royal Bride to England

It was not simply the wedding but also the welcome attending the arrival of a future royal bride in England which came to be the subject of public interest; it provided after all, the first glimpse of her in the country in which she would be princess and of which in some…
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Royal Wedding Rewind: Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands

Two wedding ceremonies, three spectacular celebrations and one very happy couple. Nineteen years ago, on a string of sunny May days, Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands married Laurentien Brinkhorst in The Hague with a host of royal guests looking on. And while Constantijn was nowhere near his country’s throne, his wedding began a string of marriages that would change Europe’s royal…
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Royal Jewels: Who Was Mrs Greville?

Margaret Greville is not a commonly known name. However, her legacy can be seen on several members of the British Royal Family to this day. Many of the tiaras, necklaces, and brooches worn today in the royal family were originally owned by The Hon. Mrs Ronald Greville, but how did they end up in the possession of the royals? Born in December 1863, Margaret Helen Anderson was the daughter…
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