Saudi Arabia

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia chairs workshop on tourism

As many of us are dreaming about warmer climates to take our minds of the English winter weather, the tourism industry throughout the world also needs to consider what they have to tempt us. Such subjects were on the agenda this week in the historic Diriyah’s Al-Turaif district, near Riyadh. Here, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was chairing a Tourism Talk with the Council for Economic and…
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International royals

Sultan of Brunei gifts Queensland Police $14,000 AUD in cash

There have frequently been comments in the United Kingdom about the cost of policing official visits especially the controversial ones like the recent visit of President Donald Trump. However, nothing could probably have prepared Queensland Police for what happened after a recent visit of the Sultan of Brunei to Cairns, as their gift register reveals. The Sultan had been one of many world leaders…
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The Kents

Princess Alexandra and the Royal Star and Garter Homes

Princess Alexandra visits the Royal Star & Garter Home in Surbiton, Surrey on Wednesday 23rd January. The home is one of three run by the Royal Star & Garter charity across England, the others being in Solihull and High Wycombe. These homes are modern purpose-built…

Imperial Succession plan lined up by Japanese government

The committee within the Japanese government responsible for arranging the transfer of the Chrysanthemum Throne from Emperor Akihito to Crown Prince Naruhito. There will be three elements to the process, with the Emperor stepping down on the 30th April, handing over sacred…
European RoyalsSerbia

Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia attends book presentation of his biography

How others see us through good times and bad, may not be the same as how we see ourselves. So was the case this week as a biography of Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia was presented to the public in front of the Crown Prince at the Foundation of Ilija M. Kolarac. The book, “Alexander II Karadjordjevic – Contributions for Biography” was written by Prof. Dr Nikola Moravcevic, a member of the…
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International royals

King of Morocco pardons 783 prisoners

The Ministry of Justice in Rabat has announced that King Mohammed VI has graciously pardoned 783 prisoners as part of the celebrations for the 75th Anniversary of the Manifesto of Independence. This is in accordance with the practice where pardons are given as part of the…
The Cambridges

Prince William to turn journalist as he interviews Sir David Attenborough

There can few people in the world who inspire all generations, but Sir David Attenborough is undoubtedly one of them and his relationship with the Royal Family is an example of that. Who can forget the splendid television documentary he appeared in with Her Majesty The Queen, “The Queen’s Green Planet” about projects throughout the world linked to the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy Project…
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