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The Queen's Birth: what the papers said

If you think royal baby fever is a new thing, think again. Back on April 21st 1926, when the Queen was born, there was plenty of excitement over the arrival of a new princess who – at the time – was several steps removed from the Crown and never expected to rule. No matter, as the papers of the time reported, this royal birth was a major event and those things we think peculiar to our own time…
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Royal Baby Name Focus: Alice

Haven’t we been here before? As the arrival of baby Cambridge number three closes in, so do the odds on a new princess being called Alice. Ahead of the birth of Princess Charlotte, the A name was in the frame as top pick for a baby girl and we all know how that one ended.
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Royal Baby Name Focus: Arthur

On trend, Arthur is suddenly the front runner again for a baby prince as the final countdown to the arrival of the third child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge gets well and truly under way. In the past few days this ancient name has streaked ahead with the bookies and is now a firm favourite. But while it might conjure up ideas of knights and kings, the name hasn’t got quite as many royal…
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Royal Baby Name Focus: Frederick

We’ve just weeks, possibly days, to go until Royal Baby Cambridge Number Three makes their debut. The hospital is ready, the overnight bag is no doubt by the door at Kensington Palace and as if we needed another indication that the new fifth in line to the throne is about to arrive, the bookies have their favourites for baby names. The top pick with them should the Duke and Duchess of…
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Royal Weddings: The Wedding of Princess Anne and Mark Phillips

She was the first of The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh’s children to marry and her big day set the template for the royal celebrations that would follow in its wake. Princess Anne’s wedding to Mark Phillips, on 14 November 1973, was a huge state occasion with a massive television audience that captured imaginations around the world. The bride might be famously down to earth but her first…
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