Tales of Tudor Ghosts: Catherine Howard

As Hallowe’en approaches, ghost stories abound. The nights are drawing in, darkness is falling and amidst the swirling mists of late autumn evenings come tales of mystery. This Hallowe’en, Royal Central is taking a look at some of the best known tales of regal ghosts and today we turn to the time of the Tudors and the sad story of a teenage queen, Catherine Howard whose downfall began…
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Could Prince Harry be heading to Japan alone?

It had been billed as a possible moment for the the Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex to be seen side by side for the first time since the recent round of speculation about their brotherly bond. Both were tipped to make the trip to Japan for the Rugby World Cup final if Wales had joined England in the showdown match. However, Wales were beaten in the last four by South Africa on Sunday.
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'Together in eternity': the touching royal tribute for Romania's Queen Mother from her family

Helen, Queen Mother of Romania has been reburied in her adopted country. Her family led tributes at reburial in the new Archdiocesan and Royal Cathedral with a series of ceremonies marking the event across the weekend. And as Helen was laid to rest next to her son, King Michael, their relatives marked the occasion with a special message ”from today, together in eternity”. Helen had…
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The Duchess of Sussex on the pressures around her: ''it's not enough just to survive''

The Duchess of Sussex has spoken of the impact the pressures of joining the Royal Family have had on her. In an interview with the ITV programme ‘Harry and Meghan: An African Journey”, the duchess said that she had been taken aback by the scrutiny her every move had come under from the tabloid press in the UK and hinted that she wouldn’t tolerate her situation not changing in the…
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