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Royal Baby Name Focus: Victoria and Albert

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to find a royal who isn’t called Albert or Victoria. OK, slightly OTT, but the fact is that two of the hot favourite names for Royal Baby Cambridge number three are as close as you can get to ubiquitous in royal circles. Ever since the time of the second longest reigning monarch in British history and her beloved consort, their names have done…
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Royal Baby Name Focus: Alice

Haven’t we been here before? As the arrival of baby Cambridge number three closes in, so do the odds on a new princess being called Alice. Ahead of the birth of Princess Charlotte, the A name was in the frame as top pick for a baby girl and we all know how that one ended. However, that hasn’t stopped Alice being among the bookies’ favourites should the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcome…
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Royal Birthday Celebrations: Who is King Philippe of the Belgians?

Philippe of the Belgians was an unlikely king. Although born second in line to the throne, he was never expected to succeed. In fact, his whole royal life has been filled with surprises. Yet since his accession, in July 2013, he has been praised as a successful sovereign, a royal who has given his dynasty strong foundations for the future. The man who would, unexpectedly, be king was born on April…
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Royal Wedding Flowers: Diana, Princess of Wales

The flowers chosen by Diana, Princess of Wales for her wedding day are among the most memorable of royal bouquets. The tumbling, trailing mix of cream, green and yellow blooms that the bride carried into St. Paul’s Cathedral on July 29th 1981 for her marriage to the Prince of Wales remain among the most recognizable of royal flowers almost four decades after they were first seen. For a start…
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