Prince Charles and Camilla

Unauthorised biography of Prince Charles brands him as 'capricious spendthrift'

‘Rebel Prince’ by Tom Bower was published on Thursday and portrays the image of a man who there is little positive to say about. Throughout the book the Prince of Wales is implied to be obsessed with the public opinion of him yet be completely divorced from any kind of reality. According to the book which has been published by William Collins, the sight of an unknown plastic substance…
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International royals

Dubai princess goes missing after posting a haunting video online

Dubai princess Sheikha Latifa and her friend have disappeared in mysterious circumstances off the coast of Goa. The 33-year-old royal from Dubai had previously instructed her lawyer to circulate a chilling video, which sees the princess talk directly to the camera, should her death or disappearance occur. Latifa is reported to have gone missing alongside an American known as Herve Jaubert and has…
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The Sussexes

The royal wedding: no immediate boost for the economy

Given past experiences, it’s not hard to come to the conclusion that many people love a royal wedding. And you may expect the number of tourists landing in England to have a huge positive impact on the economy. However, this is not always the case. Much like Prince…
The Duke of Edinburgh

Prince Philip starts his day with a relaxing horse and carriage ride

He may be in his mid-90s, but Prince Philip is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. He was seen earlier this week starting his day with a refreshing horse and carriage ride around the grounds of Home Park, Windsor Castle. It may not be fast cars and roaring engines, but the Duke of Edinburgh looked right at home as he took the reins of the two-horse carriage and enjoyed some early…
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