Royal News

King Charles to meet Rishi Sunak at Buckingham Palace as General Election speculation ramps up

The King will hold an audience with the Prime Minister at Buckingham Palace amidst a frenzy of speculation that a General Election is about to be called. Rishi Sunak will hold a meeting of his cabinet this afternoon, before heading to Buckingham Palace for his weekly audience with the monarch. Although it is not unusual in itself for The King to meet with his Prime Minister, Westminster is…
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British Royals

The 88-year-old Duke Of Kent increases his workload by 19 per cent

The Duke of Kent has increased his workload by 19 per cent so far in 2024, with the 88-year-old royal showing no signs of slowing down. In figures published by the MailOnline, the Duke carried out 31 engagements in the first four months of 2024 – that’s an increase of five on the previous year. A first cousin to the late Queen Elizabeth II, the Duke of Kent is the longest serving…
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The Kents

Prince Michael of Kent takes the reins as he competes at the Royal Windsor Horse Show

Prince Michael of Kent was amongst the many people to compete in the Royal Windsor Horse Show over the weekend. The 81-year-old royal took part in the British Driving Society event, as did the Duchess of Edinburgh and Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor. Prince Michael, who was a first cousin to the late Queen Elizabeth II, completed the four mile drive on board two Windsor Greys. He received…
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The time The Queen and Prince Philip attended the Kentucky Derby, fulfilling a lifelong dream

Queen Elizabeth II was a huge supporter of horse racing and was one of the sport’s most prominent owners, so it is hardly a surprise that in her free time, the monarch could often be seen on a racecourse. Her late Majesty became a regular face at some the UK’s best known racetracks such as Ascot and Epsom Downs, but the Queen was also known to visit more distant racecourses…
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