Iraq's Boy King - A Life Cut Short

We are all familiar with the recent history of Iraq, the brutal dictatorship of Saddam Hussein and the war and violence during and after his rule. However less known is the fact that for years Iraq was a Kingdom. This is the story of Iraq’s third and last King – Faisal II. The modern nation of Iraq was founded in 1921 by the British out of the ruins of the defeated Ottoman Empire.
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The tragic tale of Madeleine of Valois - the 'Summer Queen of Scots'

Madeleine of Valois was a French Princess who married James V King of Scots (The Scottish King had the title King of Scots rather than King of Scotland). The marriage was part of the Treaty of Rouen between Scotland and France. As part of that Treaty, James was promised the hand in marriage of a French Princess. Initially, James was contracted to marry another member of the French Royal Family.
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