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All posts tagged "Royal Baby Names"

  • New research shows most popular royal baby names

    If you’ve not yet had your guess on what Baby Sussex will be called, then help might just be at hand....

    Blog PostsLydia Starbuck21st November 2018
  • Royal Baby Name Focus: James

    It’s suddenly rising up the bookies’ lists and now we know that Baby Cambridge is a boy, the name James is...

    Blog PostsLydia Starbuck23rd April 2018
  • Royal Baby Name Focus: Victoria and Albert

    Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to find a royal who isn’t called Albert or Victoria. OK, slightly...

    Blog PostsLydia Starbuck22nd April 2018
  • Royal Baby Name Focus: Alice

    Haven’t we been here before? As the arrival of baby Cambridge number three closes in, so do the odds on a...

    Blog PostsLydia Starbuck20th April 2018
  • Royal Baby Name Focus: Frederick

    We’ve just weeks, possibly days, to go until Royal Baby Cambridge Number Three makes their debut. The hospital is ready, the...

    Blog PostsLydia Starbuck10th April 2018