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British Royals

The Queen is told to renounce her family’s titles

Michael Garnett via Flickr CC

The Queen has been told to renounce her title by the CEO of anti-monarchy pressure group Republic.

Graham Smith told the Daily Express that the ‘writing is on the wall’ for the royals, with the general public not caring about other lesser known members of The Royal Family.

Mr Smith said: “My view is that all the royals should renounce their titles.

“I think that the writing is on the wall.

“Why don’t they do themselves a favour and say we are not going to pursue this any further?

“Have the monarchy until the Queen passes away and then let’s move on and do something different.

“I think that if William and Kate were sufficiently self-aware, they would understand it would not only benefit the country but benefit them.

“They could go off and enjoy themselves and have Netflix deals and do whatever they want on their own money and their own time.”

Republic is an anti-monarchy pressure group which campaigns to replace The Queen with an elected head of state.