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Introducing Royal Central Extra

Royal Central Extra

Royal Central has been bringing you royal news, features and analysis for almost a decade. Our journalism and insight has made us the most popular and widely read source of royal news and views on the internet. Now, we are expanding our coverage with a new venture, Royal Central Extra.

We know how important discussion, debate and interaction are to those who enjoy royalty, monarchy and its impact on society. Royal Central Extra will bring you exclusive videos, live question and answer sessions and features that touch on every aspect or royal life.

And because hearing from you is so important to us here on Royal Central, we’ve based our new venture on social media to allow you to have your say as often as possible. Royal Central Extra is a subscription Facebook group that brings you some of our very best journalism as well as a whole new way of interacting with other like minded royalists.

Our new service is just £3.49 a month and will bring you at least four new videos every week as well as at least one live session. Plus there will be quizzes, debates, special newsletters and competitions for our subscribers to enjoy.

Head to our Facebook page for more information on Royal Central Extra and to find out how to subscribe. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

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