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The Princess Royal was the hardest working royal last year, having conducted 544 engagements, more than any other member of the royal family.

Princess Anne, who undertook 456 UK engagements and a further 88 overseas engagements, overtakes Prince Charles as the hardest working royal for the first time in eight years.

Later this year, The Queen will be celebrating her 90th birthday, however, she shows no signs of slowing down yet. Figures released today show that Her Majesty conducted more engagements in 2015 than William, Kate and Harry combined.

The total number of engagements undertook in 2015

The total number of engagements undertook in 2015

The Queen carried out 341 engagements last year, 35 of those being overseas.

Unsurprisingly, the royal who conducted the least amount of engagements last year was the Duchess of Cambridge who undertook 62 engagements last year, as well as looking after Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

The Prince of Wales, who had previously undertook the most royal engagements for the past eight years, finishes slightly behind his Princess Anne this year having conducted 527 engagements – 17 fewer than his sister.

The Duke of Edinburgh also undertook a grand total of 250 engagements in 2015, despite him being 94 years old.

The figures were sent in to The Times newspaper by Tim O’Donovan who counts the royal engagements each member of the royal family takes part in every year.

The Queen and Prince Philip have both decreased the total amount of engagements from 2014. Her Majesty undertook 41 fewer engagements than in 2014, and Philip by 23.

The figures show that older members of the family are continuing to slow down their workload. However, younger members of the family are still not making up for the drop, partly due to their career arrangements, such as Prince William being an air ambulance pilot.

You can compare the number of engagements in previous years members of the royal family undertook below:


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