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Lady Amelia Windsor designs her first jewellery collection

Picture by Stephen Lock / i-Images

Lady Amelia Windsor has designed her first jewellery collection, taking inspiration from nature she’d seen in her garden during pandemic lockdowns, saying: “We could all do with a little more joy right now.”

Created in collaboration with Alice van Cal, Amelia said in an interview with Tatler that the Blue Tit Collection was inspired by a group of blue tit birds she’d seen in her Cambridgeshire garden. “The experience was a welcome distraction from confinement and gave me the freedom to unleash my imagination and create something I am so proud of,” she said.

The Blue Tit Collection is a six-piece collection featuring two pairs of earrings, two bracelets, a necklace and a ring. The collection is created in 18-karat gold and features gemstones to mimic the blue tit bird: blue topaz, blue sapphires, peridot, citrine and diamonds.

“The boldness of colour and strength of the yellow gold is a big part of what I want to convey with the idea of how nature was able to flourish and find its freedom whilst we were spending time indoors, so there is a bit of fantasy to it,” Amelia said.

Jeweller Alice van Call said, “We have had a bleak 2020 and what we need is some joy and hope. We share the same optimistic and positive outlook, and together we dreamt how we could create a deep and important message in a collection which has now come to life as one of my most special yet.”

Amelia and Alice collaborated on the design work over Zoom calls, and Amelia served as a model for the advertising as well. Alice van Cal’s design mission is to, “give joy and pleasure to the person who wears it, to give value to the one who owns it and to give back to the world it is inspired by.”

In an interview with Town & Country magazine, Amelia said about jewellery that it holds so many stories. “It speaks about relationships you have with different people and moments that you want to treasure forever. You feel so connected to it, and it can be an immense source of comfort and joy. My mum gave me a ring a few years ago that I wore throughout university, and it was so lovely to be able to look down at it and be reminded of her.”

She said that she hopes people incorporate the Blue Tit collection into their everyday jewellery, saying, “I love the idea of people mixing and matching these pieces with their own jewellery. You could wear the studs as a pair or on their own as single earrings, and layer up the bracelet with your own bangles. I also like the look of the thick gold ring with a skinny band on either side of it, or the two thin rings worn together.”

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