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Kensington Palace issues rare statement to deny Duchess of Cambridge having botox

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge
By British High Commission, New Delhi, CC BY-SA 2.0, Wiki Commons

Kensington Palace has issued a rare statement to deny that the Duchess of Cambridge has had baby botox.

This comes after Dr Munir Somji of London’s Dr Medi Spa Clinic wrote on Instagram, ” Our Kate loves a bit of baby Botox.

” Patients come from far and wide to see me for this procedure. It truly is so simple… There is no excuse for doctors to leave patients with brows on the floor.

“Note the reduction of fine lines on the forehead. But also note the depression of the medial (middle part) brow but elevation of the lateral tail of the brow.

“The magic of baby Botox is that it does not leave you feeling so heavy and provides you with a subtle reduction of lines as well as a better eyebrow position.

” Now 90 per cent of my patients have baby Botox and are happy even at 3-4 months post-treatment.”

The doctor wrote the comments under a side by side image of the Duchess of Cambridge claiming she was a baby botox fan. He used the photos to show the before and after of the supposed botox. The post has since been deleted.

The palace took issue with the post and told the New York TimesPage Six that it was “categorically not true.

” The Royal Family never endorse commercial activity,” Kensington Palace stated.

Although statements like this are rare about what is written in the media, it is not the first time Kensington Palace has responded to information circulating. Just last year, they denied reports that the Duchess of Cambridge had “slapped down” the Duchess of Sussex for berating her staff. They told the Mirror, “That never happened.”

Page Six did ask Dr Medi Spa’s representatives if the Duchess was a client and why the post was made to which marketing manager Sammy Curry responded, ” He thought it was a good comparison picture to use to show the effects of Botox and obviously baby Botox which he does himself.

” He just wanted to show the transformation that it can create and obviously how it can be used for subtle results and how it’s really good for anti-aging.”

She added that the “Our Kate” comment in the post referred to the UK’s Kate and not the spa’s.

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