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Duchess of Cambridge may attend State Banquet in honour of Chinese President

The Duchess of Cambridge might be attending her first official state banquet that will be honouring Chinese leader, Xi Jinping. Although almost five years have elapsed since her glorious wedding in later April of 2011, the Duchess has not yet attended a state banquet, an occasion in which she is required to dress formally.

The event is to transpire in over a week at Buckingham Palace, set in a room where Kate will be meeting with the Chinese president. All of the attendees will be sitting around a horseshoe-shaped table that can easily seat 170 personages. It is likely that the young Duchess will be seated in a place of great importance at the table.

It is the tradition for female members of the Royal Family to attire themselves with stunning evening gowns, elegant tiaras and bedeck themselves with tasteful jewellery. Furthermore, the tiaras that are worn by members of the Royal Family are often chosen by Queen Elizabeth herself.

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Twice already, the Duchess of Cambridge has worn a tiara. The first occasion upon which she wore one was on her wedding day when she wore the elegant Cartier Halo Tiara that was initially for the Queen Mother from King George VI.

The second tiara that she wore was the Papyrus Tiara (the Lotus Flower Tiara). This particular tiara was worn by the Duchess in 2013 at a white tie ball. Fashioned from one of her wedding gifts the tiara was worn by The Queen Mother when she was The Duchess of York. She then gave it to her daughter Princess Margaret in 1959.

Another tradition for state banquets is that of the family order when they are given a portrait of Queen Elizabeth set in diamonds and attached to a chartreuse yellow ribbon that is pinned near their left shoulder. Because this is Kate’s first official state banquet, it is likely that she was given the Elizabeth II family order, which is indeed a great honour. In the past, ladies who have borne the order are the Princess Royal, the Duchess of Cornwall, the late Diana, Princess of Wales, and the Countess of Wessex. However, Sarah, Duchess of York never received such an honour.

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Ever since discovering that the Duchess of Cambridge will be attending the state banquet, there has been significant speculation as to which of the tiaras she will be wearing. Will she wear one given to her by Queen Elizabeth? The world awaits eagerly to see what the young Duchess will be wearing.

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