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The royal records broken by Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II

It was a truly historic reign that may never be equalled again. The rule of Queen Elizabeth II spanned seventy years and saw Her Late Majesty write her name into the royal record books time and time again.

In her long life, Queen Elizabeth II broke an exceptional number of records. As the world prepares to bid a final farewell to a woman whose influence spanned the globe, here are just some of the royal records belonging to Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Longest Reigning British Monarch

On 9 September 2015, Queen Elizabeth surpassed Queen Victoria’s previous record of 63 years 216 days and became the longest reigning Monarch in British history. Her rule eventually lasted 70 years and 214 days. The day she overtook Victoria was met by celebrations across the United Kingdom and made headlines around the world. 

Longest-Lived British Monarch

It was another record held by Victoria but Elizabeth II overtook it as 2007 came to an end. On 21 December 2007, Elizabeth II became the oldest ever British Monarch, surpassing Victoria who had taken the record from her own grandfather, King George III.

Longest Monarchical Marriage

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were married on 20 November 1947. Their marriage lasted 73 years and 139 days, ending with Prince Philip’s death on April 9 2021.

Most currencies

The Queen had more coinage with her effigy on it than anyone else. Even though she is not head of state in some places, like Fiji, she still appeared on their coins. In total, Her Late Majesty appeared on the coins of 35 countries across her long reign. Her likeness will be seen on money for months, if not years to come, as all coins and notes bearing her effigy remain legal tender until advised otherwise.

Most countries visited

During her long reign, Queen Elizabeth II travelled to more countries than any other Monarch in history. In total, she visited 116 countries. Her travels through the years covered 1, 032, 513 miles, or 42 times around the world. In 1977 alone, the year of her Silver Jubilee, she travelled 56,000 miles in 12 months.

Most photographed

When your every move is documented, this is an easy record to break. Her Late Majesty was the most photographed person in the world. The last official images of her came just 48 hours before her death when she was seen appointing a new Prime Minister at Balmoral.

Unique moments

The Queen was the only British Monarch to reign for 70 years and the only British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee. She was also the only British Monarch to have four Jubilees and the only British Queen to celebrate a Silver Jubilee.