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A right royal year! Royal Central team share their favourite moments

Charlie Proctor, Editor-in-chief: My favourite royal moment of 2016 has to be when The Queen and members of The Royal Family visited Poundbury and stopped by for a visit to the pub and Waitrose. The images of Her Majesty stood in the middle of the supermarket aisle, looking slightly bemused, is probably photo of the year. Not only that, but I had great fun writing headlines that day. I think I settled on ‘Unexpected Monarch in the bagging area’!

After Waitrose, the royal party went inside The Duchess of Cornwall pub, where Camilla got behind the bar and poured a few pints. Two surreal moments in one day, which provided us with some great pictures!

Jamie Samhan, Deputy Editor: When it was announced that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would be coming to the west coast of Canada, I could not wait to cover their tour. Having the chance to welcome them to my home was an experience I know I will always remember. As well, the opportunity to represent Royal Central on the national media stage was a huge honour.

Moniek Bloks, Assistant Editor: For me, it would definitely be meeting the Duchess of Cambridge when she was in The Hague. I didn’t think I’d ever ben able to see her in person and when it was announced that she was coming to the Netherlands I knew I had to be there. I was actually quite surprised when she walked over to us and we talked for a little bit. It made writing the article about #RoyalVisitNL so much more personal. The media descending on us afterwards was quite a surprise as well. I was even interviewed by a journalist from New Zealand.

Moniek meeting the Duchess! Photo credit: Arjan (@houseoflemon on Twitter)

Brittani Barger, Europe Editor: My favourite event from 2016 occurred on 22 February when Princess Madeleine of Sweden hosted a fairytale party for seriously ill children through her patronage, Min Stora Dag at Stockholm Palace. It was such a heartwarming moment. All of the children dressed as little princesses and princes for the party, and Madeleine made sure she was dressed the part, as well. She went all out and re-wore her grey Fadi el Khoury gown from the 2015 Nobel Prize ceremony and banquet with the Aquamarine Kokoshnik Tiara. She even brought her two-year-old daughter, Princess Leonore (who was dressed in a child’s princess gown) to the party. The children looked so happy to be spending the day with a real-life princess, and it was wonderful to see Princess Madeleine take the time to give those children a day that they will always remember!

Photo: Kate Gabor/

Jess IIse, Editorial Assistant: My favourite royal moment was definitely when the Cambridges came to Canada. Seeing Princess Charlotte and Prince George enjoy themselves at the children’s party at Government House — especially with the balloons — was so adorable. I’m looking forward to more sweet moments in 2017!

Nikita, Senior Reporter: My favourite royal moment of this year would have to be – obviously – the first day of the Royal Visit to India, when I got to see the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Mumbai. Although I didn’t actually get to meet either William or Kate, it was the most fantastic experience. I have admired the Cambridges since their wedding, and so it was a dream come true to finally see them up close. It especially struck me how much taller and prettier Kate was in person.

I have a very special memory of a small act of kindness by Prince William. I was waiting outside the Taj Mahal Palace hotel with a group of friends, and when the royal couple stepped out to go for their first engagement of the day, we all started waving and calling out to them. William noticed and smiled and waved, but Kate had her back to us as she was getting into the car. Before she could get in, William stopped her and pointed in our direction, which made Kate turn and flash a beaming smile, and for that one moment, it seemed like both the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were smiling just at me – I’ll never forget it.

Laura McCallen, Chief Reporter: My favourite royal moment from 2016 was attending The Patron’s Lunch. This unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience afforded me the opportunity to speak directly with Their Royal Highnesses Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, to witness Lady Louise Windsor’s first walkabout and to get within 4 feet of my personal idol, the Duchess of Cambridge. It was an unforgettable day that I will always look back on with a bright smile.

Kelli Finger, Senior Reporter: My most memorable moment of 2016 was attending the 2nd Invictus Games in Orlando in May. I had the amazing opportunity to interview both Will Reynolds , the team Captain for the United States and Sir Keith Mills, Chairman of Prince Harry’s Invictus Foundation. I loved the spirit of sportsmanship and comradery exhibited by all the athletes and seeing firsthand the support shown by the crowds. It was truly an uplifting experience.

Ahmed Bayram, Reporter: As a Manchester United faithful, it was a fantastic moment to see my club win the FA Cup at Wembley on 21 May. The victory provided some light at the end of the tunnel after a tough season. And for Prince William, the President of the Football Association, to present our captain Wayne Rooney with the trophy, made the occasion even more special.

Oskar Aanmeon, Europe Correspondent: My favourite event this year was the Norwegian Royal Family’s big celebration of King Harald’s 25th anniversary on the throne. This was celebrated in the city centre of Oslo on January 17th. The Royal Palace Square was transformed into a winter activity park for the children, there they held several concerts and the royal family attended the celebration with the people. Tens of thousands attended the celebration. We also pay tribute to King Olav who died 25 years ago on that day by lighting candles in front of the castle. I was present in Oslo that whole day and got to feel the unique atmosphere. I will never forget it.

Photo: Oskar Aanmoen, 2016/Royal Central