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Jeffrey Epstein found dead in prison cell

Convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein has died in prison.

According to the BBC, the disgraced financier killed himself in his Manhattan cell just a few hours after new court documents were opened.

Epstein was facing federal sex trafficking charges in New York. His body was discovered at 07:30 local time.

The Epstein case has long lingered over the Duke of York who had been named in court documents relating to the case.

Prince Andrew has denied any wrongdoing in the strongest possible terms.

Buckingham Palace issued a strongly worded statement in 2015 denying that the Duke had undertaken any wrongdoing.

Epstein was sentenced in 2008 to eighteen months in prison after he pleaded guilty to soliciting a minor for prostitution.

Prince Andrew has been heavily scrutinised for his friendship with Epstein. The pair were photographed together in 2010 after the billionaire had served his prison sentence.

In 2011 the Duke apologised for his friendship and was forced to step down as the UK special representative for trade and investment.