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Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria welcomes a new puppy to the family

Photo: Erika Gerdemark/

Crown Princess Victoria and her family have a new four-legged addition to the household. As reported earlier this week by Swedish magazine Svensk Damtidning, the Crown Princess Family have a new dog which moved in with the family at Haga Castle outside the Sweden’s capital Stockholm.

The poodle puppy is only a few weeks old, although the colour is unknown.

Last Sunday the Crown Princess family were out in the grounds of Haga Castle with their new family member. Victoria carried the little puppy in the inside of her jacket.

It is well known that Princess Estelle loves animals; so much so that when Victoria asked if she wanted a sibling, Estelle replied that she would rather have a hamster.

Poodles are well known for their intelligence and for being easy to train. They are lively, active and fun family dogs. Poodles come in three different sizes, but it is not known what size the Crown Princess has.

Poodles thrive when they get attention. It is important to remember that poodles are hunting dogs with an elegant appearance, and that they need exercise and training to become the best possible companions.

Several Swedish newspapers believe that it is surprising that the family chose to buy a poodle. When Victoria grew up the royal family always had Labradors. Nevertheless, Crown Princess Victoria shares the name and is a descendant of the Swedish Queen Victoria, who died in 1930. The Swedish queen Victoria loved poodles and had many of them, including one named Tom.

The Swedish Royal Family has a long history of having dogs as companions. On Wednesday, new pictures of King Carl Gustav were published to mark his birthday with his dog present in one of the pictures.

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