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Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia visit their duchy

Photo: Anna Lena Ahlstrom/

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia visited their duchy of Värmland on Wednesday to see how the county has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The couple posted about their visit on their personal Instagram account, writing, “What a day we had in Värmland today!”

They continued, “Everyone we visited has been affected by the pandemic in one way or another. And it’s not over yet; now we have to power up to counteract further spread and the consequences we see at all levels.”

The royal couple’s visit began with a meeting with healthcare professionals to hear how the pandemic has affected healthcare in the county. Carl Philip and Sofia heard from Tanja Ekegren, the County Administrative Board’s Chief of Staff, and Dr Ingemar Hallén, an infection control doctor with Region Värmland, about how their work has shifted in light of the pandemic and steps the medical community has taken to combat the coronavirus.

Carl Philip and Sofia then traveled to Central Hospital in Karlstad to see how the staff there has modified and prepared themselves to treat patients.

The couple shared on their Instagram account, “IVA Nurse Mia touched on her strong stories about how to never cease to constantly stop and show humanity towards all patients – even when it has been at its hardest.”

Next, the royal couple visited the Vikenkyrkan, where the parenting group ‘Outstanding Single’ meets. The couple described this single parenting group as one “where mothers and their children find community and support” and that “in times of isolation was also strong and uplifting.”

The Prince and Princess then visited Karlstad Innovation Park to meet with young entrepreneurs who have created a digital platform, Zimify, to curb loneliness in students. The couple also met with representatives from Ineq Solutions, who have created Buhobox, a “digital tool that will promote preventive work with student health in schools,” according to the Royal House.

The royal couple then travelled to the municipality of Sunne, with the first stop for lunch at Västra Ämtervik, where they dined at Kulinarika, a restaurant and vineyard. They heard how the pandemic has affected the company and food production and met with other representatives from the municipality.

The couple’s final stop was in Berättarladan, where they met with representatives from the Västanå Theatre. They learned how the pandemic has affected the arts community and were treated to a performance of ‘O, children of late times.’ They praised the Theatre as one with a “unique environment, creations and incredible performance.”

The Swedish Royal Family has made a plan to visit all of Sweden’s counties to see how citizens are dealing with the pandemic. Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia will next visit Dalarna – where Sofia grew up – on 19 November.

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