Crown Princess Victoria visits Helsingborg

Crown Princess Victoria visited the municipality of Helsingborg earlier this week to learn more about the city’s sustainable development.

Crown Princess Victoria’s visit began at DrottningH, a city development project that aims to “develop a million-district urban area into an integrated and sustainable part of the city,” according to the Royal Court’s website.

The four key areas of the project, according to DrottningH’s website, are to connect and tear down barriers; dense the district and create variety; open the process and interact; and put children and young people in focus.

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Following her visit to DrottningH, Crown Princess Victoria ate lunch at Sofiero Castle with entrepreneurs who work in the environmental and sustainability fields. Over lunch, Crown Princess Victoria learned about how “Helsingborg works long-term with sustainability, environment and climate change,” according to Sofiero’s website.

After lunch, Crown Princess Victoria visited Sofia’s Bridge and the rhododendron ravine made famous by King Gustaf VI Adolf and Princess Margareta, as well as the playhouses and Prince Oscar’s Sagos forest.

Following her visit to Sofiero’s Castle, Crown Princess Victoria ended the day at North West Skånes Renhånings AB, a sanitation company jointly owned by the municipalities of Bjuv, Båstad, Helsingborg, Höganäs, Åstorp and Ängelholm.

Crown Princess Victoria saw how the NSR takes a proactive approach to waste management, beginning with “ensuring that the material that comes into the city is reusable and/or recyclable,” according to Helsingborg’s press release about the visit.

The NSR has transformed over the years from a dump to an industrial park, Vera Park. Helsingborg highlights “fossil-free adhesive in the production of chipboard, fossil-free plastic, and plastic recycling through the production of plastic sanders” as innovative methods in use at Vera Park.

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In 2022, Helsingborg will host H22, a fair that will showcase the smart technology and sustainability of the city over 35 days in the summer.

“You will see newly built city districts, learn about innovative solutions, visit rebuilt areas, listen to inspiring lectures, share your own experiences and gain insight into the everyday life of a Helsingborg resident,” reads the H22 website.

“H22 takes the step from a traditional housing fair to a living city fair…adding further qualities such as placemaking, quality of life and city governance in order to showcase a smarter city.”

Three areas that will be highlighted are Oceanhamnen, a city district being built by the sea; Drottinghög, a million programme area; and SeaU, an inner city area where “a major congress facility, hotels and pleasant outdoor environments are being built.”

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