Queen Letizia attends closing ceremony of the II Seminar on Patrimonial Education

At the end of the week, Queen Letizia of Spain presided over the closing ceremony of the II Seminar on Patrimonial Education in the School at International Research Center of the Spanish Language in San Millán de la Cogolla. 

After being received upon arrival by various city and government officials, the Queen entered the Hall of the Language to watch the ceremony which began with opening remarks by Mariola Andonegui – the President of the Autonomous Community of La Rioja and director of the seminar. He presented the results of the five workshops from the symposium that had taken place.

The five seminars were as follows:

  1. The workshop of the Quarry to the vault, organised by Adolfo Falces, to work “on the processes, trades and construction techniques in the Modern Age,” according to Casa Real.
  2. Connecting emotions with heritage by Beatriz Barrio to find “different ways to educate young people in the respect and care of their cultural heritage.”
  3. Workshop on images and words by María Pérez Carbonell with the aim of exploring “new ways of looking at and communicating our cultural legacy from the contemporary.”
  4. María José Muñoz’s proposing “to the professors to decipher the functional and symbolic meaning of the spaces of the Monastery of Yuso.”
  5. Educational Suitcase of Support for Traditional Architecture promoted by the Institute of Cultural Heritage of Spain by Camilla Mileto.

© Casa de SM el Rey

Her Majesty also viewed a video screening of “Heritage Hubs” – an education project with people from Finland, Serbia, and Spain. She also watched contradanzas performances by Emilianenses Cultural Association and greeted the performers afterwards.

© Casa de SM el Rey

Queen Letizia’s next official engagement is tomorrow when she will attend the International Summit of Cancer Research “International Consultation Workshop”. 

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