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Taking a look at the presents Prince Sverre Magnus received for his confirmation

Prince Sverre, Mette-Marit, Ingrid, Haakon
Photo by Oskar Aanmoen

On Saturday, Prince Sverre Magnus of Norway was confirmed in Asker church just outside the Norwegian capital of Oslo. Even though the Prince only had 16 guests attending the confirmation and the following dinner because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, he received many gifts. The full guest list of the 16 in attendance can be read her.e

In contrast to the confirmation of his older sister, Princess Ingrid Alexandra, we have not been given any insight into the private gifts that were given to the Prince. Nevertheless, the Royal Court has released a list of some of the gifts the prince received in an official capacity.

The Norwegian Parliament gave the Prince a canoe with oars and a life-vest. He received a work of art by Morten Andenæs from the Norwegian government. The Prince also received a work of art by Magne Furuholmen from Asker municipality. The Norwegian Supreme Court gave His Highness a surfboard and a book about the Supreme Court. From the Church of Norway, he received a bible in the new translation from 2011. The county governors of Norway gave Prince Sverre Magnus a sleeping bag and sleeping pad.

Princess Ingrid Alexandra used the bunad she received for her confirmation last year. Photo: Oskar Aanmoen / Royal Central.

Last year at the confirmation of Princess Ingrid Alexandra the gift that attracted much attention was the gift from her grandmother and grandfather. King Harald and Queen Sonja gave their grandchild an expensive Norwegian national costume, a bunad. The costume comes from East Telemark, where the Queen also has costumes from and is a reconstructed women’s suit design, based on the period of 1800-1850. The Princess has chosen sub-elements for the bunad. Experts say that the bunad could have cost as much as 10.000 Euros.

Her Majesty Queen Sonja has previously stated that she and the King will give all their grandchildren a bunad for their confirmation. Prince Sverre Magnus was confirmed in a black suit, not a bunad. It is, therefore, somewhat uncertain whether the Prince has received a bunad as a gift from his grandparents. The only time in the year where it is expected that Prince Sverre Magnus would wear a bunad is during the Skagum ceremony on the Norwegian National Day of 17 May. Maybe the Prince will show up on May 17, 2021, with a brand new bunad?

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