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Taking a look at the presents Princess Ingrid Alexandra received for her confirmation

Oskar Aanmoen / Royal Central

Her Royal Highness Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway was confirmed in the Royal Chapel at the Royal Palace in Oslo on Saturday. Guests from all over Norway and Europe gathered to celebrate the Princess. And of course, they brought with them presents. Let us take a closer look at what the future Norwegian Queen received on her big day.

The gift that has attracted much attention was the gift from her grandmother and grandfather. King Harald and Queen Sonja gave their grandchild an expensive Norwegian national costume, a bunad. The costume comes from East Telemark, where the Queen also has costumes from and is a reconstructed women’s suit designed based on the period of 1800-1850. The Princess has chosen sub-elements for the bunad. Experts say that the bunad could have cost as much as 10.000 Euros.

The Princess’s new bunad. Photo: The Royal Court.

Other royal gifts were presented to Her Royal Highness. The gift from her godfather, the King of Spain, was a beautiful colourful necklace. The gift from the Royal Court was a copy of a bench that once was at Appleton House. The Princess’s great-grandfather King Olav was born at Appleton House in the UK.

On Friday, the government announced that their gift to the Princess was to rename a nature reserve at Bygdøy. The area will be called Prinsesseåsen (English: The Princess Hill) Nature Reserve.

Princess Ingrid Alexandra is very fond of hiking. Therefore, from the Norwegian parliament, she received hiking equipment and courses in rock climbing and letter hiking. The Norwegian Tourist Association gave Ingrid Alexandra a mountain jacket and two hats. From the county governors in Norway, the Princess received a gift certificate on a surfing course.

The Princess also got a few experiences as gifts. From the city council of Oslo, Ingrid Alexandra received an adventure day with a riding tour in the city forest. The Armed Forces gave the Princess slalom skis, bindings, boots and braids, as well as a visit to the Hunter Troops at the Armed Forces Special Command at Rena Camp.

The Supreme Court gave Princess Ingrid Alexandra a Heyerdahl gold jewellery with cabochon-cut grenade stones and 17 diamonds, as well as the books “The Laws of Norway” and “The Supreme Court of Norway”. The Norwegian Church gave three Bible editions in Norwegian and Sami, one Norwegian hymn book and one book of Bible stories.

The Danish Embassy gave a Georg Jensen necklace with pendant “Daisy”. Daisy is the nickname of Queen Margrethe.

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