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Princess Märtha Louise cancels her plans to move to the US

Princess Martha Louise of Norway
Det kongelige hoff

Princess Märtha Louise has revealed her plans to move to the United States have been put on hold. She made the announcement in an interview with Norway’s state TV channel, NRK, marking her 50th birthday on September 22nd.

It was in February this year that Princess Martha Louise of Norway said that she was considering moving to the United States. She then said that the reason was that her boyfriend, the American shaman Durek Verrett, feels badly treated and no longer wants to settle in Norway. This was discussed by the princess in an interview with TV2. Asked in the interview if it is relevant for her to move to the USA, she answered: “Yes, it may be that we end up there eventually.”

In April 2021, the princess confirmed in an interview with the Norwegian newspaper VG that she then had decided to move. Princess Martha Louise then said she was planning to move to the United States and take her three daughters with her. However, she said she didn’t know when it would happen.

In her latest interview, with NRK, the princess says: “I have no plans to move right now. Everything changes all the time with Covid-19, and we have no idea what happens from day to day. Now I am in Norway”.

The princess further states: “I feel like we’ve been through a very dark valley and are starting to come out on the other side, and that’s very good. I think we all feel that now we can “deal” with anything, because now the worst that can happen has happened. At least I feel that I have become even more confident in myself, because now I know that I can handle anything that life throws my way”.

The eldest child of King Harald and Queen Sonja further says that she listens to her father’s experiences and advice on how to cope with life. The princess says: “I think it’s quite nice to be 50. My father says that age is just a number, and he has more experience than me. Now you have many good years ahead. So then I believe in him “.

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