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Granddaughter of King Harald wins bronze medal in National Championships

The granddaughter of King Harald and Queen Sonja, Emma Tallulah Behn, has won the bronze medal during the Norwegian National Championships in horse jumping.

The youngest daughter of Princess Martha Louise and the late Ari Behn was close to top position, but some mistakes in the final rounds meant it was bronze for Emma Behn. The news was shared on August 15th 2021 by The Norwegian Equestrian Federation in a press release.

Behn, who competes with the horse Fetoucha, was close to the top position, but in the first round there were four errors on obstacles and a time error. With a boom in the ground in the second round, there were a total of nine error points and so she won the bronze. Princess Martha Louise confirmed her daughter third place on Instagram where she posted a pictures of her daughter and wrote: “Congratulations, dear. I am so proud of how you have grown this year”.

All three daughters of Märtha Louise have tried their hand at equestrianism, but today only her youngest daughter Emma rides actively. Märtha Louise herself was a good show jumper for a long time, and was on the national team for several years, until she retired in 2000.

Emma Tallulah Behn is today a promising young rider, and has also competed abroad this summer with Fetoucha, a horse that she got in September last year. The 12-year-old represents Drammen and the surrounding areas riding club, and the horse is owned by Princess Märtha Louise.

At the beginning of July this year, the 12-year-old was selected by the equestrian association to be among those who represented Norway during the Nordic Baltic Championship in Finland. There she ended up in second place. Later in July of this year, the crew was selected to represent Norway in the European Championships in jumping for young riders in Portugal. Behn was the only Norwegian rider to reach the final.

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