Crown Prince Haakon: “We let people steal our apples”

Crown Prince Haakon of Norway and Prince Daniel of Sweden attended the EAT Stockholm Food Forum in Sweden today. After holding a speech for the assembly where the Crown Prince emphasised the importance of living more sustainably, Crown Prince Haakon shared some of his own experiences with living sustainably.

Crown Prince Haakon was interviewed by the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet and explained, among other things, about the Norwegian Royal Family’s job of reducing food waste and the installation of solar panels at the Royal Palace in Oslo.

Crown Prince Haakon is concerned with sustainable food production. Here he is on a visit to Jordan last year to follow up on one of his projects that grows food in the desert. PHOTO: SAHARA FOREST PROJECT VIA FLICKR

“At the Skaugum  Estate, we have been working for a long time with sustainability. I have to say that this is an eternal learning process. We are working closely with the Environmental Lighthouse Foundation. They helped us create a system of waste, procurement, recycling and so on. We also work a lot with our consumption of food. In addition, we have started to eat more fish and more vegetarian food than before”, said the Crown Prince to the newspaper.

Crown Prince Haakon jokingly also stated that he and the Crown Princess “allow people to steal the apples at Skaugum.” The Crown Prince was quick to highlight that the apples are being “stolen” by the company “Epleslang” which is a small eco-friendly company that wishes to make a big difference by offering people who have a difficult life a meaningful and active job while clearing gardens. The apples they “steal” from people’s gardens turn into apple juice.

Crown Prince Haakon of Norway. Photo: Teodor Bjerrang via Flickr.

Dagbladet asked the Crown Prince what sustainable grip the Royal Family had done at the Royal Palace in Oslo. The Crown Prince replied:

“There has been an environmental group for a long time who has worked actively with many things, including temperature control. For example, there are many rooms that can remain cold during the winter. It is the Crown Princess who has led this work. She is very engaged in these things, and I think they have gotten a lot done. ”

Solar cells will also be installed on the roof of the Royal Palace.

Both Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit have been involved in the EAT Stockholm Food Forum for many years. The Forum collected over 600 participants from research, politics, business and civil society this year. In addition to Crown Prince Haakon, Prince Daniel of Sweden also participated in Tuesday’s conference.

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