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The Netherlands

King Willem-Alexander teases daughter during summer photocall

© RVD / Wesley de Wit

King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, his wife Queen Máxima, and their daughters The Princess of Orange, Princess Ariane and Princess Alexia posed for summer photos. They have a photocall twice a year in exchange for privacy for the rest of the year. The winter photocall usually takes place in Lech, where the family goes skiing.

The photocall took place in the gardens of Huis ten Bosch, their private residence, with a lot less photographers than usual to ensure social distancing measures.

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They posed as a family of five before splitting up to allow photos of just the King and Queen and just the Princesses. King Willem-Alexander and his heir, The Princess of Orange, were also photographed together. King Willem-Alexander, who looked like he recently got a new haircut, took the opportunity to show his playful side. The King hardly ever misses an opportunity during the photocalls to have some fun, and he has been known to photobomb as others are being photographed.

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One media company had to miss the winter photocall this year. They did not receive an invitation after they, according to the RVD, violated the media code by showing a photo of the Princess of Orange as she performed in a musical. It is unclear if they received an invitation for this morning’s photocall.

The family departed for their summer holidays shortly after the photocall.