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Princess Catharina-Amalia performs in her very own musical

Princess Catharina-Amalia, also known as the Princess of Orange as the heir to the Dutch throne, spent her Tuesday night in the Royal Theatre in The Hague performing in a musical that she wrote – called The Christmas Convent. Fun fact – the Royal Theatre was built as a palace for Catharina-Amalia’s musical ancestress Carolina of Orange-Nassau, but unfortunately, it was never finished. Dutch Royal reporter Sam Hoevenaar was there.

The story goes that the convent, also known as The Order of the Free Christmas Fairies, are preparing for Christmas but are horribly understaffed as they prepare for Christmas. Will the fairies be ready in time? The Royal Theatre explained that the story had been written by someone called “Emilia of Nassau’, which naturally gave a clue as to the real writer. (In reality, Emilia was the wayward daughter of William the Silent, Prince of Orange).

Unfortunately, as it was a private affair no photos were allowed to be taken, not even of the arriving Royal Family. They were apparently well represented to see the Princess of Orange perform as Christmas Fairy Gemma. Even her younger sister, Princess Alexia had a role in the musical as a dancer. In addition to Catharina-Amalia’s parents, the presence of grandmother Princess Beatrix, Queen Máxima’s mother, uncle Prince Constantijn, aunt Princess Laurentien, aunt Princess Mabel and cousins Countess Eloise and Count Claus-Casimir was reported.

Queen Máxima handed her eldest daughter flowers after the show.