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Prince Albert’s daughter diagnosed with COVID-19

Jazmin Grace Grimaldi
Screenshot FEARLESS Acoustic Music Video/Fair use

Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, the eldest daughter of Albert II, Prince of Monaco, has tested positive for the coronavirus. She revealed her diagnosis in an IGTV video titled “My Covid-19 Experience from the ❤️ Heart.”


In the video, she says that she received the diagnosis three days ago but was not shocked by it as she had been experiencing symptoms for over a week. She explains that she had been social distancing, only going out for groceries and wearing a mask. She added that she had a scratchy throat and felt “off” and developed a high fever. She also states that she is now feeling okay and doing a lot better. She says, “I think the worst is behind me.”

Jazmin is the eldest daughter of the reigning Prince of Monaco but she is not in the line of succession as her parents were not married at the time of her birth. She has a younger half-brother who is also illegitimate, Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste, and two younger half-siblings Princess Gabriella, Countess of Carladès, and Jacques, Hereditary Prince of Monaco, who are in the line of succession.

Prince Albert was diagnosed with the same illness in March but he was out of danger by early April and able to come out of isolation.