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Monaco football team pays tribute to Princess Grace with new season jersey

Pertti Jenytin / Lehtikuva [Public domain]

Monaco’s football club has updated its home jerseys this season pay tribute to the jersey that Princess Grace designed for the 1960-1961 season, sixty years ago.

AS Monaco Football Club worked with Italian manufacturer Kappa to create the new home jerseys, which will be worn through 2020-2021 and described it as “as iconic as it is timeless.”

The jersey features an “elegant diagonal” up the front of the shirt, with red featured on the right side, white along the bottom side and white sleeves. The sleeves feature gold edging as a way to emphasize the prestige of the club. Inside the jersey, a special message is written that says, “Jersey created by Princess Grace. 1960-2020.”  

AS Monaco released a video on social media to showcase their new jerseys. Describing the new home jersey, they say: “Red and white are our colours. The colours of our flag, the colours of our football shirt.

“[Sixty] years ago, Princess Grace took us on a journey towards creating something unique, far from the constitution we were living in. We are proud of this singularity, which has passed from generation to generation. In success but also in failure, we have managed to rise up and come back even stronger. Our history is our strength, and the dignity that surrounds our legacy.”

AS Monaco was founded in 1924 and used different colours before eventually adopting the red and white of the Monaco flag and the House of Grimaldi. In 1960, Princess Grace redesigned the football club’s jersey ahead of the French Cup to incorporate the diagonal stripe instead of the vertical lines.

In the 1960-1961 season, AS Monaco won the French Championship for the first time, and the team credited their new jersey design for a part of their success. AS Monaco writes: “It didn’t take much more than that for the diagonal to be definitively adopted and to become a major element of our club’s identity over time, helped by their sporting success.”

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