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Swedish TV channel reported Prince Henrik’s death but used image of King Harald

The Swedish television channel SVT reported yesterday the death of Prince Henrik like any other European news agency that day. However in their articles, Facebook and Twitter accounts, they did not use a picture of Queen Margrethe together with Prince Henrik, but a picture of Queen Margrethe together with King Harald of Norway instead.

This mistake has, in the meantime, created anger towards the Swedish TV channel, both in Danish and Norwegian media. The Norwegian and Danish press criticised the Swedes for not seeing the difference between Norway’s King and Denmark’s deceased Prince.

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik onboard the royal yacht to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary in 2017. Photo: © Kongehuset

The Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet has been in contact with SVT, and in an email to the paper, SVT wrote: “The error was quickly detected, and the image was deleted. Unfortunately, the wrong picture appeared on Twitter later in the morning – a problem we sometimes encounter, but as we usually have routines on to handle.”

“Yes, of course, it is regrettable that we published an incorrect picture, especially in a context like this, and we apologise,” says SVT to Dagbladet.

Oslo’s Royal Palace Wednesday with the flag at half-mast in honour of Henrik. Photo: Oskar Aanmoen / Royal Central.

This is not the first time such a story has been falsely reported regarding King Harald. In September last year, the Norwegian Telegram Agency (NTB) mistakenly announced that the Norwegian monarch had died. At that time, NTB quickly apologised for the mistake to both to His Majesty and the Norwegian people.

The Norwegian King was a good friend of Prince Henrik. In connection with the death of the Prince, it was decided yesterday, on the order of the King, to have the Norwegian flag at half-mast. The Norwegian media has also had broad coverage of Prince’s death. The last time Prince Henrik visited Norway officially was in 2014 when he, along with Queen Margrethe and the Norwegian and Swedish royals, participated in the celebration of Norway’s constitution’s 200th anniversary.

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