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Scandal at Prince Christian’s school could be debated in Denmark’s parliament  

Keld Navntoft, Kongehuset

The Prime Minister of Denmark has called for a debate in parliament over allegations of bullying at one of the country’s top schools, currently being attended by Prince Christian.

The problems at Herlufsholm were exposed in a documentary on Danish TV2 which revealed allegations of bullying and harassment.

Following the documentary, the school’s principal was fired. The school board announced that they no longer want the principal to continue in his position as the documentary has clearly shown a lack of desire in the management to deal with the culture at the school.

It should be emphasised that there are no indications that Prince Christian of Denmark has been a victim of bullying and harassment, nor that the Prince has been involved in such behaviour.

The same evening that the documentary was shown on Danish television, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary made a public statement. They strongly dissociated themselves from what had happened at their son’s school. After this, there has been another royal reaction. Countess Alexandra, mother of Prince Nikolai, has also commented on the school. Prince Nikolai, who is also the son of Prince Joachim, previously attended school.

To the Danish press, Countess Alexandra stated: “I am deeply shaken, because my son has only good memories from his school days at Herlufsholm.”

So far, there has been no official statement from Prince Joachim, Queen Margrethe or anyone else of the Danish Royal Family. Some journalists and commentators have said that even though the Crown Prince and Crown Princess have commented on the case, the Danish Royal Family has been passive. Several Danish newspapers are demanding further comments from the Danish Royal Family.

Now the situation has received reactions from Denmark’s elected representatives. The Danish Prime Minister has gone public and said that she thought the conditions that have been revealed are absolutely terrible. She argues that the school should be debated in the Danish parliament to see if it is necessary to change the regulations of private schools or if the authorities can do something to prevent what has happened at Prince Christian’s school from happening elsewhere in Denmark.

Prince Nikolai of Denmark attended 10th grade at Herlufsholm School and received his upper secondary education there as well. The Danish Royal Court announced earlier this year that in the fall of this year, Princess Isabella of Denmark is set to start at Herlufsholm School.

Herlufsholm School is a private day and boarding about 80 kilometres south of Copenhagen. There are about 600 students at the school of which approximately 275 students are boarders. The pupils follow a 10-day programme with lessons on Saturdays followed by 3-day weekends.

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