Prince Charles and Camilla

Prince Charles: ‘The Pride of Britain awards are a wonderful way to celebrate the people who make us proud to be British’

The Prince of Wales is just one of the significant figures lending his support to this year’s Pride of Britain awards. The Pride of Britain Awards honours British people who ‘have acted bravely or extraordinarily in challenging situations’. The first Pride of Britain Awards were held in May of 1999 at the Dorchester Hotel before moved to The London Studios and later to Grosvenor…
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Monarchy Rules: a look at George IV

The future George IV was born at St. James’s Palace on 12 August 1762 to George III and his Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. Upon the birth, he automatically became Duke of Cornwall and Duke of Rothesay, but he was also created Prince of Wales and Earl of…
International royals

Dubai’s Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid’s son dies of heart attack at the age of 33

Sheikh Rashid bin Mohammed Sheikh Rashid bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the eldest son of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, died on Saturday morning of a heart attack at the age of only 33. Three days of mourning were declared across the UAE with instructions for government departments to fly the flag at half mast though work will continue as usual. Though Sheikh…
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Isabella of Valois, The Child Bride of Richard II

In medieval times royal brides were often quite young when they married, though consummation was usually forbidden until a more appropriate age was reached. A certain young bridge might ring a bell as the founder of the Tudor Dynasty. Lady Margaret Beaufort was first married when she was just 12. Another ‘marriage’ happened when she was just one, but she never recognized this marriage…
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Marching down The Mall: Changing the Guard

Henry VII not only founded the Tudor Dynasty in 1485, he also founded the concept of the Royal Body Guard, and for the last 520 years elite soldiers have guarded the King or Queen. He probably never envisaged the spectacle that now draws the tourists to London. The ceremony…

The Execution of a Queen

Anne Boleyn is probably best remembered as the most controversial Queen in British history, which is perhaps not entirely deserved. Even though much is said about her, there are a lot things we don’t know, such as her birthday. Unfortunately for women of that time…

How Elizabeth I used Accession Day celebrations to protect her crown

On 17 November 1558 England’s first undisputed Queen regnant, Mary I, died, paving the way for the accession of her half-sister Elizabeth I. Mary had been a staunch Roman Catholic and she had been determined to bring England back to what she believed to be the true faith. Her short reign and early death ended her ambitions of re-establishing Roman Catholicism in England and she reluctantly…
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