Belgium's royals make first appearance since Prince Joachim's quarantine row

Prince Joachim’s parents have said they won’t be discussing the row surrounding their son after he was diagnosed with coronavirus during a trip to Spain. Princess Astrid of Belgium, Joachim’s mother, told press that she had no comment on the controversy which began this weekend after it was confirmed the prince had been at a party in Cordoba, breaking rules in place to stop the…
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Sarah, Duchess of York's poignant message to Princess Beatrice on her missed wedding day

Sarah, Duchess of York has posted a special tribute to her elder daughter on what should have been one of the biggest days of her life. The proud mother had told Princess Beatrice of the joy she brings her on the day she was meant to get married. Sarah posted the message to Beatrice on her official Instagram page. Sharing a family photo of the princess as a youngster, the Duchess wrote…
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Calendar of Kings: May

Many a monarch has made their mark on May and left interesting tales to tell in their wake. From the suspicious death of a tragic king to the impossibly romantic wedding of a royal whose legend outstripped reality, the month is filled with milestones linked to the best known…
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The Prince of Wales and his royally chaotic clutter

Turns out that the royals really are just like the rest of us. As the Prince of Wales was filmed recording a radio interview for Classic FM, his study showed all the hallmarks of the chaotic clutter that affects at least one room in every home. As he spoke to host, Alan Titchmarsh, about special moments including trips to the theatre with his beloved grandmother, the Queen Mother, there were…
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Calendar of Queens: May

May is a month filled with queenly anniversaries. From coronations to christenings, marriages to monarchical moments, all four weeks contain special dates linked to majesty. Royal Central’s Calendar of Queens reaches May. Birth of a Queen Let’s start with a…

England's most hated ruler and Barnard Castle

Poor old Richard III. This king just can’t catch a break. William Shakespeare helped turn him into a much maligned monarch. Now, the site of one of his favourite homes is at the centre of a political storm that the Bard would have relished getting to grips with. For Barnard Castle, focus of the Dominic Cummings debate, was once the much loved residence of Richard. The last Plantagenet’s…
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