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Will Jack Brooksbank be granted a title by The Queen?

Within minutes of the Duke and Duchess of York announcing the engagement of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank, Royal Central has been inundated with questions about the marriage. Here, we try to answer one of the most asked queries – will Mr Brooksbank receive a royal title from The Queen?

onathan Brady/PA Wire

From past experiences, it would be unlikely (but not completely impossible) that Mr Brooksbank would be granted a title by Her Majesty, meaning he would remain a commoner.

If he was granted a title, it would likely be a non-royal peerage such as an Earldom, though this in itself is unlikely.

Because a woman takes her husband’s style and precedence unless hers is higher, (which it is), her precedence will not be affected.

She may choose, however, to follow past precedent and style herself as Her Royal Highness Princess Eugenie, Mrs Jack Brooksbank, or even just privately style herself as Mrs Brooksbank. Equally, she may choose just to continue being Princess Eugenie.

Traditionally, female royals drop their territorial designation when they marry, so either way, she probably wouldn’t be referred to as Princess Eugenie of York any more (rather just Princess Eugenie).

Eugenie and Jack will get married at St George’s Chapel in Windsor castle – the same venue as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in May.

An exact date has not been set yet, however, it is highly unlikely that the wedding would be a public event like that of Princess Eugenie’s cousin, Prince William and his wife the Duchess of Cambridge. Instead, it will almost certainly be a private family affair like that of Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall.

Because Princess Eugenie is eighth-in-line to the throne, The Queen did not need to give her consent for her marriage to take place. This is reserved for members of the Royal Family who are sixth-in-line to the throne or higher. Similarly, if her sister Princess Beatrice got married, she would no longer have to seek permission from Her Majesty as Princess Charlotte’s birth pushed her to seventh-in-line.