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”We just bumped into the Duke” – Meghan reveals her son has just met someone very special

He was fast asleep at the time so has no idea of the big moment but Baby Sussex is already pals with the Duke of Edinburgh. As they presented their son to the world at St. George’s Hall, Windsor, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex confirmed they would be meeting the Queen and Prince Philip later before Meghan revealed they’d actually ”just bumped into the Duke”.

The Queen has been braving the rain at the Windsor Horse Show today so it may well be that Prince Philip has beaten her to a first glimpse of their eighth great grandchild.

Harry and Meghan showed off their son to the media two days after his birth. The couple appeared very happy and very relaxed as they appeared before the cameras with their baby boy. The new seventh in line to the throne nestled in his dad’s arms during the photocall and slept through the whole experience.

His proud mum revealed that he was a very calm baby with a sweet temperament, adding she had ”the two best guys in the world”. Meghan went on to say ”he’s just been a dream so it’s been a special couple of days” while Harry beamed with delight over his ”little bundle of joy”.

Baby Sussex, whose name hasn’t yet been revealed, was born at 5.36am on May 6th 2019.

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