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Two-thirds of people think The Queen should wear the Crown to opening of Parliament

Michael Garnett via Flickr CC

Over the weekend, Royal Central polled our readers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on the topic of The Queen wearing the State Crown at the opening of Parliament today.

Two-thirds of our readers voted in favour of The Queen wearing the State Crown as opposed to a dressed-down opening in a hat like was done in 2017.

Facebook users who voted in our poll overwhelmingly voting for the Crown by a 301 to 170 margin.

One of our readers, Rickard Nyberg, commented, with an alternative to the State Crown, “No. The times has come to accept that her body is 93 years old now and that she must put her own comfort and safety before anything else.

“She can wear the George IV State Diadem and have the Imperial State Crown carried in front of her in the procession… That’s exactly what she did in 1952, the year before she was crowned so it wouldn’t be unique.”

On Twitter, there were 641 votes with 65% voting in favour of Her Majesty wearing the crown while 35% wanted her to wear a hat.

Instagram had the same results with a large majority (76) voting that they want to see The Queen in the Crown versus those (24) who did not want to see her in the regalia.

Those few commenting on our social networks explained their reasoning for voting no, but those who voted yes were not as vocal.

The Queen will give her speech from the Throne in the House of Lords chamber at Westminster marking the official start of the parliamentary year. The Queen’s Speech will be written by the government and outline the policies and proposed legislation for the new session.

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