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The strange and the bizarre – what gifts the Royal Family received in 2015

From a bag of salt to some Weetabix, every year, gifts which members of The Royal Family received over the past twelve months are released which provides insight into what people gift The Queen and her family.

In 2015, The Prince of Wales received hundreds of gifts for events he had attended, including some fairy dust. It is presumed this was meant to be passes on to his grandchildren, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, although it is not known what the heir to the throne used the fairy dust for.

Continuing on the theme of bizarre gifts, The Queen was presented with a marzipan model of the Brandenburg Gate when she visited Germany last year. She was also gifted with portrait of herself on a pony, and a photograph of President Gauck.

Away from Germany, Her Majesty was given a bag of salt by John Duncan, Governor of the British Virgin Islands. Unfortunately for the 89-year-old monarch, the salt was somehow misplaced by Buckingham Palace staff meaning she never got to use it.

When China’s President Xi Jinping visited the UK on a state visit, he gave The Queen some CDs of music by his wife Madame Peng Liyuan.

As well as the novelty items, The Queen also received other gifts including a sapphire and diamond brooch in the shape of a fern from the President of Sri Lanka.

It wasn’t just fairy dust that Prince Charles received. He was also given two dummies by members of the public, as well as rattles and giant lollypops.

It is presumed Charles was acting as a delivery man for Prince George and Princess Charlotte, whom the gifts were intended for. The Duke of Cambridge also got bombarded with baby toys, including toy telephones and toy aeroplanes. Prince Harry didn’t escape the children’s toys either, as he was given cuddly penguins, a bib and a quilt amongst other things.

Whilst in New Zealand, Prince Harry also received a plastic flower, some pineapple lumps and even some Weetabix.

In addition to these gifts, the Princess Royal was given a Mindtrap board game and the Duke of Kent was given a picture of a washing machine.

In total, The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall received 278 presents kin 2015 between them. The Princess Royal followed behind with 110, the Earl and Countess of Wessex 107 received 107 presents, Prince Harry 88, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge 57, the Duke of York 51 and the Duke of Edinburgh 16. Princess Alexandra, however, got nothing.

Unfortunately for Princess Alexandra, she received no official gifts in 2015, meaning she missed out on the excitement of being presented with a packet of salt.

Official gifts can be worn and used by the royals, but are not considered their own personal property.

They can eat any food they are given, and some official gifts with a value less than £150 can be donated to charity or staff.

The gifts given to the family cannot be sold or exchanged and will eventually become part of the Royal Collection.